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With i Tunes playlists, you can do all this and more.

For example, you can include both songs and music videos in a “greatest hits” playlist. The Purchased playlist contains content you’ve downloaded from the i Tunes Store.

The Genius Mixes playlist contains genius playlists based on the genres and other types of music in your i Tunes Library.

In those cases, follow these steps: Some readers report that when they turn i Tunes Match or i Cloud Music Library back on they're forced to entirely re-match their i Tunes libraries, which takes hours or days for some people.

This hasn't been my experience—in turning i Cloud Music Library and i Tunes Genius on and off, re-connecting takes my 10,000 song library less than 5 minutes.

If you just wanted to focus on your own music, though, it was annoying—which led to wanting to hide it.

If you're using i Tunes 11 or higher, this article doesn't apply to you: the Genius Sidebar no longer exists in these versions of i Tunes.

Make a playlist and be the judge of what is great and what isn’t.

How about keeping things interesting by creating collections of music whose contents automatically change as your music collection does? Would you like it if the tunes you hear are selected for you automatically based on a specific song?

Playlists enable you to listen to exactly the music you want to hear, when and how you want to hear it. Fine, just set up a playlist without the offensive songs.

Wish you could hear different songs from a variety of albums in your own greatest hits collection?

The i Tunes Genius feature offers i Tunes users two great features: automatically generated playlists from their libraries that sound great, and the ability to discover new music at the i Tunes Store based on the music they already like.

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