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Debbie smiled at me and squeezed my hand.“You are going to love this.

After a few moments it opened and a handsome man in his thirties smiled at us and let us into the reception room.

There was a desk with a computer on it and a series of screens including a view of the alley outside.

She was the same age as me but was trying to earn money so she could go to college.

She had been tidying my room when she had seen a story on my laptop about a girl and a dog.

You are the first person that I have ever invited, please, please don’t embarrass me,” said Debbie.“I know,” I replied, “I promise that I won’t let you down.” I was trying to sound confident but my heart was pounding in my chest and I could hardly believe that I had got this far.“You know what you will have to do for them to let you in.

They do it to stop time wasters from getting in,” explained Debbie and I nodded.“Let’s go in,” I said.

No-one got into this club by walking in off the street; you had to be brought in by a member who had told you what you needed to do. I stepped across to the dog that rose to meet me.“I can do this,” I said to myself, “This is the easy bit. There was a flash and I realised that Jack had taken the second picture that I needed for membership.

I’ve done this before.” But I was trembling as I sat down on the rug next to him. But I was enjoying myself now and carried on with the kiss until Debbie laughed;“You can get plenty more of that inside; now move on to the last thing that we need you to do.”I reluctantly broke off the kiss.

” I asked, feeling slightly guilty about getting the dog turned on and then leaving.“Oh don’t worry; he will be seeing plenty of action later tonight when he and I finish our shift.

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