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Surviving Mateo by Sam Mariano Good Morning (a little late).:-/ FLT: “I firmly believe that every person on this planet deserves a fair chance at a good first impression.” Sweetest Heartbreak by Heather Bentley FLT: ” It’s amazing how sleeping with a hot guy with rock-hard abs provides motivation to get one’s a$$ to the gym.” Playing Dirty by Tiffany Snow The 1st line makes it sound like a comedy but it’s actually romantic suspense/love triangle.

Perhaps it will give some folks a thought about thetough times some kids go through in school.

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Can’t wait to start it after I finish Malachi and Me!!!

I hate them for no other reason than the symbolism they invoked.’ Malachi and I by JJ Mc Avoy ABSO-STINKING-LUTELY loved this book!

So many sweet-sounding Christmas book just went live today.

I LOVED and laughed my heart out over book #1, and this one sounds like it’s going to be awesome too (because…

But what is the truth about the nature of their relationship?

“I don’t talk about my personal life,” Cassie told The Urban Daily.

Ryder was back to being our fairy and Syn was taking names and kicking butt.

Maryse…extra pillow cases for when the little darlings decide it’s THEIR pillow.

I just finished Unhinged by Natasha Knight and I loved it.

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