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[Where at the end of one of his songs, he paid tribute to James Best, who influenced him, in his early career]: I learned a tremendous amount from him. When people think he was only Rosco, he was - absolutely, but there was a ...

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Po ukończeniu szkoły średniej Pacifica's Terra Nova High School Schneider wyjechał na pół roku do Europy.

Najmłodszy z piątki dzieci Pilar Schneider, przedszkolanki pochodzącej z Filipin i Marvina, żydowskiego maklera, w dzieciństwie uwielbiał rozśmieszać najbliższych. Zainspirowany filmami grupy Monthy Python, kreacjami Richarda Pryora, Gene Wildera i Petera Sellersa w wieku piętnastu lat pisał drobne utwory satyryczne i występował przed publicznością.

Po powrocie do USA zapragnął spróbować swych sił w show biznesie - "Tak naprawdę chciałem uniknąć pracy na etacie.

W 1984 wykonywałem dwanaście różnych zawodów" - wspomina.

What I was meaning to say, as you well know, is that Jesus is not the same as God, to put it more crudely, that is of the same stuff as God, that is of the same being as God, but the way the Watchtower has printed my stuff has simply left the conclusion that Jesus is not God in a way that suits themselves. But if one reads his accompanying commentary, it is clear that he does not regard the Logos as "a god" in the way the Watchtower does.

If they missed from their answer the translation of Kenneth Wuest and the N. B., they missed the whole point" (A letter to Donald P. Joh 1,1 states at the very point of the Originating Expression this fact: That the Logos was in the Beginning; that is, at the creation of the world, he already was...

In the chart, below, we will examine how some scholars have been used in defense of the NWT and whether they actually support the Watchtower translation as claimed.

It is not my intent to be exhaustive; however I've tried to cover the scholars most often cited; I think you'll find that any omissions will be obscure scholars that are not generally recognized as authoritative in the scholarly community. AWlosk, Rmischer Kaiserkult '78." BDAG agrees that Ignatius frequently called Christ QEOS.

Já foram encontradas partes de cavalos, ursos-polares e alces em estômagos de tubarões da Groenlândia.


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