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One well known Christian author, Dave Hunt, has a book titled “What Love Is This? How could a God we portray as having a father heart not at least afford all individuals an opportunity to be saved? A summary of the points are: whether Joshua Harris is a part of this courtship/betrothal movement he is critiquing in his book.

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This system is something SG gravitated to around the mid 90’s.

It especially worked well for children growing up in the church.

If anything I would call myself a “Calminian.” Tim Lahaye is quoted as saying that Calvinism is “perilously close to “blasphemy.” I would agree with Tim Lahaye. If nothing else, reading this book helps you see a motivation behind what is being promoted.

The author of this online book indicates his requests for discussion with Harris went unanswered. Mahaney, Courtship, dating, home schooling, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Josh Harris, joshua harris, Robin Phillips, Sovereign Grace, Sovereign Grace Criticism, Sovereign Grace Ministries Posted in Courtship, dating, marriage | 10 Comments » toward evening; and he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, camels were coming.

Either by default or also by God’s selection (depending on which variation of Calvinism taught) they will not be saved and hence eternally damned.

This is the dark side of Calvinism that many times proponents choose to downplay.

This is what Sovereign Grace Ministries started promoting early in their church history (1978).

With this approach, singles are encouraged to do things in groups vs.

I guess I shouldn’t feel slighted that he also hasn’t answered my emails. 64 And Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac she dismounted from the camel.


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  2. It was reported recently that Sarkodie, after dating his girlfriend, Tracy, for over 10 years and having a daughter (Titi) with her, has finally set a date for the wedding.

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