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In this post, she offers insights into her ethnographic research in rural and urban Cambodia and Zambia and explores the way in which cities can catalyse gender equality and social change. People increasingly champion girls’ education, women’s employment, and leadership. Across Asia and Africa, urban residents are more likely to support gender equality in education, employment and leadership than their rural compatriots.Scholars have suggested several explanations for this trend: (a) the growing availability of contraceptives; (b) domestic appliances; (c) cuts in men’s wages and the rising opportunity costs of women staying at home; and (d) seeing women in socially valued roles. This holds even when controlling for age, education, employment, income, and access to infrastructure.The effect of other variables, such as parental knowhow, is also investigated.

First, cities often raise the opportunity costs of gender divisions of labour: higher living costs; more economic opportunities for women (in services and manufacturing); and the contemporary precarity of male employment.

This shift in perceived interests has triggered rising support for female employment – in both Cambodia and Zambia. People living in interconnected, heterogeneous, densely populated areas are more likely to see women in socially valued, masculine domains.

This study uses structural equations modeling to test a hypothetical social network model with applications to a sample of 34,896 school children in Abu Dhabi.

The main independent constructs in the model are related to children’s attitude with regard to social networking, reasons for using social networks, things done on social networks, and topics used.

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While cities are no panacea, they are accelerating progress towards gender equality. The introduction of this website for has also opened up a new venue for publishing.

The dependent constructs cover perceived school performance and social effects of social networking.

The study will describe the relations among the various constructs.

While Zambian market traders learn from a bustling diversity of assertive women, home-based workers are more socially isolated. (2017) ‘Cities, gender equality, and social change in Africa and Asia’. There will be a series of reviews of some of the influential books within the discipline that give some insight into how feminist geographies came to be.


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