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Eligible study participants included in this survey were those aged 18 years and over and those working in hospitals, schools, bus/train stations, government offices, restaurants and bars.Altogether 1000 adults were approached, and 876 participants agreed to participate and finished the survey.

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These proportions were higher when compared to the international labels.

Overall, 26.8% of participants would quit smoking based on information from the old label and 31.5% from the new label.

Smoking status was measured by asking if participants had ever smoked.

Participants were grouped into two categories smokers and former smokers.

Smokers were defined as those having smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime, and those having smoked at least one cigarette per day at the time of the survey.

Former smokers were defined as individuals who had quit smoking at least one month prior to the survey and those who smoked at least one cigarette per day prior to quitting.This can be achieved by the warning labels on cigarette packages [].In 1991, the Chinese Congress enacted legislation requiring cigarette warnings to state 'smoking is harmful to your health' in Chinese.When comparing the Chinese overseas label and other foreign labels to the new Chinese label with regard to providing knowledge of harm warning, impact of quitting smoking and giving cigarettes as a gift, the overseas labels were more effective.China is the largest producer and consumer of tobacco in the world.One set states 'smoking is harmful to your health', and 'quitting smoking reduces health risk'.


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