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Still, an obstacle remained on their way to ultimate satisfaction.

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After getting Shelly's cooing approval, he went to town on that juicy little slit.

Mike was intoxicated by his first taste of a woman's nectar, it immediately made him crave more and more and more.

Within a few minutes, he was pumping another torrential load of cum into his girlfriend's willing mouth.

Caught unawares, Shelly coughed and spluttered at first, drooling Mike's seed all over her lips and chin as she tried to swallow the spurting jets of cum flooding her oral cavity.

Shelly's slender fingers barely reached around his girth but the mere contact of a girl's hand on his dick made his heart race with arousal.

Staring closely at his pole, Shelly started awkwardly jacking him off, squeezing and stroking his pulsating meat with both hands.

Being new, she was an outcast by default in the social dynamics of high school life.

As luck would have it, that didn't turn out to be a problem at all.

Shelly and Mike started hanging out after school, meeting at each other's house to watch TV or study together or just chat. Having a girlfriend was a dream come true in itself, but the prospect of actually having sex with her was nothing short of mind-blowing.

They got along great, they liked each other and they both found the other attractive. Of course, being eighteen and constantly horny, they wasted no time and eagerly started exploring each other's body, finally experiencing sex outside of porn and masturbation. When he saw Shelly naked for the first time, he went wild.

Slim and toned, with perky tits and a gorgeous taut butt, Shelly looked hot as hell to Mike.

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