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The horizontal one appears to be for auction rooms.

There were a number in Ottawa, though I couldn’t find any mention of one on Bank Street.

I may have to go to the library and see if they have the directories for the next few years. He wrote the Ottawa theatre owners: “the theatres in your city have been used [on Sundays] more than any others in Ontario and in most cases you have ignored our arrangement with the Lord’s Day Alliance of Canada. But I managed to get the photos I wanted and not get a ticket or the car stolen!

In case you are interested, the theatre was showing “Forty Naughty Girls” with Zazu Pitts (1937) and “Men Are not Gods” with Miriam Hopkins, Gertrude Lawrence, Sebastian Shaw, and Rex Harrison (1936).

At the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, near Mexico City, contained considerable amounts of locally mined mica in layers up to 12 inches thick.

It continues to be used by the Hindus during Holi, in the pigments thrown during the festivities.I’ve brought this up before on my blog post ’17 ways to cuck your man’ and mentioned it in my interview for but today I want to let loose and really dive head first right into what exactly I want for this special occasion.I want to get married on a white sand beach somewhere overlooking crystal clear waters.In May, 2005, I was lucky enough to have gone out to take photos of the old Pappas summer resort cottages. It was fragmented from earlier demolitions, it seems, and so only parts of the original painting was visible. Today, I headed down to the spot to take my own photos of the wall. He very graciously sent me a copy so I could post it, here.Here is a link I meant to pass along when I posted the first time about the painted wall ads. Unfortunately, I have so far been unable to find the names of the businesses advertised.It was torn down in the 1970 and replaced with a forgettable office tower and a cineplex, now gone, as well. Like many such neighbourhoods, it is falling victim to its own charm and many of the charming old buildings are being torn down and replaced by swank condominiums and expensive shops.

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