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The first major Internet dating website to launch is considered to be was intended for any and all persons to connect, even if just to form a plutonic relationship.

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The light hits the subject head-on and washes them out, makes the features on the face look flat, and generally works against the subject.

The upshot here is that you should avoid using a flash at all costs.

Set up so you’re looking about 30 degrees away from the sun and you’re in business.

Be sure you’re looking far enough off that you don’t feel the need to squint. This is about making a good impression, so you don’t want the best photo ever taken of you to be in your buddy’s back yard with a pile of pizza boxes and empty beer bottles stacked behind you.

So you’ve looked through the photos of you on Facebook and none of them are really projecting the sort of image that you want to put out to the ladies.

You need to start fresh, and so long as you’re at it you might as well put yourself as far ahead of the game as possible.

The rise in social media platforms such as Americans spent over 0 million on online dating in 2007, marking it the second highest industry for “paid content” on the Web.

The influence that online dating has on American pop culture continues to grow, even to this day.

First, a word on gear: You don’t need expensive camera gear to take a good photo, but that camera on the back of your old Nokia probably isn’t the best bet either.


  1. Director: Seth Mac Farlane A New Jersey guy dedicated to his family, friends, and church, develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and works to find happiness and intimacy with his potential true love.

  2. It’s hard to stand out in the era of Tinder, which is why OKCupid has turned its attention to matching people up on a ‘deeper level’.

  3. My big fantasie is to make love on the beach, on the moon light.

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