What episode do castle and beckett start dating

They ask Ken to recover their lion, Watson, which has been stolen by a group of animal-rights campaigners who want to use it to publicise their cause.

John Landry [ Lionel Blakey ], Barbara Ewing [ Meg Lucie ] While sorting out unpaid bills at The Grand, Doreen find s one relating to a man who has since died.

They have knocked over the trays of flowers, turned on the water and flooded the place. The boys have a whip-round and present Ken with the proceeds: just a few pence - "Not enough to buy a plant-pot", as Ken comments.

Ken accuses Patterson of trying to blacken Billy's name because he feels that his own position with the team is being threatened by the prospect of a younger and more talented coach.

Ken takes Ibrahim to the match to watch Billy's performance and to judge his talents for himself.

They decide not to tell Meg that they suspect her husband was having an affair while staying at The Grand.

Harry falls for Meg but she decides to sell up and move away from the area.

Harry plays for time by pretending that Billy has gone out, while Ethel tries to sober him up - but to no avail.

Since Patterson is also staying at The Grand, it is too risky for Billy to remain there in his present state in case Patterson sees him.Harry employs a new barman, Lionel Blakey, but soon discovers that his racist comments are offending both Hanif and the Asian guests.After an argument, Blakey resigns, which prevents Harry having to decide how to sack him!So Ken takes him on the back of his bike to The Ponderosa.They find that three young lads have been larking about in Ken's greenhouse.His first client is Barney Spitz, a pop music promoter who wants Ken to dress up in an old fireman's uniform and star in a pop video!


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