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Everything is so much less painful, dramatic, and the concerted effort that I used to have to make is now Yes, you will grieve, YES, it’s a death, YES it’s painful as hell, but it’s nowhere near as painful as the pseudo comfort that you extract from the familiarity of your own abandonment, rejection and misery.

Maintain your boundaries and rely on the knowingness of the respect that ACTING on those boundaries garners.

Validation seeking is a form of perfectionism and just like perfection, it’s the lowest standard that you can hold yourself to. I used to be dependent on both positive and negative validation to take ANY action in my life.

We become perfection-addicted because on some subconscious level, we know that we’ll never achieve it. I needed the validation of lovers and friends to propel me into action as well as the validation of the doubters and haters to propel me into proving them wrong.

And because we have this subconscious knowingness that we’re holding ourselves to an unachievable standard, we become avoidant; scared to face and acknowledge the time that we’ve wasted thus far. We further invest into the bullsh*t mindset of “must prove wrong. I was the most reliant on validation in my romantic relationsh*ts.

And because I never got more than a dirty drop of water from the empty well that was my emotionally and empathetically void partner, I relied heavily on validation in the form of FBI investigating.

Make a decision and respect that decision by acting on it.

WATER the flower of your decision with COMMITMENT, instead of second guessing the sh*t out of it and living in the land of convenient, f*ck buddy limbo. Yeah, it’s hard but if you do the work, you’ll start to see the benefits – you’ll be happier, less frantic and at PEACE.

when you have the ability to validate yourself, you become “the one that got away,” by default).

I’ve let go of expectations from others and because of that, have raised the ones that I have for myself.

Just reading the above bullet points exhausts and embarrasses me.

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