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I re open my profile on Mingle 2 this weekend and within 15 minuets i had 2 scammers message me they seem to be very active on this site and after i look at a few profiles and read the story they have to say about them selfs and see there stupid mistakes you can tell the site is full of them .Mingle 2 seem to remove there profiles quick after you report them i just had to try just to see if they took the reporting of scammers serious. I will post more details about each of them after I have had a little fun with them.

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Compare Mingle2.com’s success rate to the sites in our top five, especially Match.

Mingle2gave us a success rate of 12% replies to our messages; Match gave us 76.4% replies.

Huge blank sidebars, like they didn’t want to spread out their content more, testimonials right there instead of on their own page, and bright orange text all remind us of the Internet in the 1990s.

Speaking of those testimonials, we saw at least one with grammatical errors that can’t possibly convince anyone they have a userbase worth checking out. We didn’t find anyone who seemed like a very good Match for the profile we created.

Instead, they have guys wearing beer case hats right there, “attracting” women to use their service.

Their front page also looks kind of early Internet and didn’t help them with our Mingle2 review.

A man calling himself "John" messaged her and through daily phone calls and messages on Facebook, he gained her trust.

He spoke with what she thought was a British accent and his picture on Facebook portrayed a nice-looking man with graying hair and a beard.

Mingle2says they have a huge community, and that’s true. Sure, we sent out messages anyway; it’s the only way to be fair to the site and how we rank it.

But we didn’t get much of anything back not even a Mingle2 scam, and that’s partly because of how they Match people up really doesn’t work out. They get points for being free, but the fact that we didn’t get a single date out of it kind of indicates why.

is Mingle2 any good, is Mingle2 for real, is Mingle2 legit, Mingle2 comparison, Mingle2 ratings, Mingle2 review, Mingle2 scam, online dating sites, scam dating sites, sites like Mingle2, worst dating sites When we first visited Mingle2.com, we looked at the pictures they display on their front page. Most of the pictures are of guys, and not even guys like us. Out of all the emails we sent out, we only got a few replies—sixty, to be exact—and not a single one panned out with a date.


  1. The cost for 30 days - .99 will renew at .99/monthly if not cancelled (unlimited) The cost for 90 days - .99 will renew at .99 if not cancelled.

  2. En voila daar hebben we er op flirt24 tienduizenden van, dus dat komt mooi uit. Vroeger was het zo dat een sexchat site vaak alleen maar tekstueel was, dus een chatgesprek in de vorm van tekst op het beeldscherm.

  3. On May 21, however, they were eliminated at the beginning of the show landing them in fourth place.

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