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They all came on the show because they knew we would have a laugh.

I always said to the producers, 'If we could get Genghis Khan on, we’d get a smile out of him!

Des oconnors dating

She blames the medication for her putting on weight. While she is absolutely clear on the benefits of anti-depressants ('I actually kind of died and got born again as a result of taking the meds,' she has said), the comments about her weight cut deep.

Hardly any of her friends were aware of any romantic involvement between the couple until the eve of her wedding a year ago.

Yet after a long period in the wilderness — characterised by mental illness, suicide attempts and dysfunctional relationships (her children all have different fathers, none of whom are with her now) — Sinead is attempting a comeback.

Her new album, Home, has created a genuine buzz in the music industry.

The first most people knew was when they received a text message saying: 'Guess who's getting married tomorrow!

'He will surely not have forgotten how Sinead sacked him at the height of her success, following the break-up of their love affair.

It was intended as a protest against child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. This was years before these problems were fully exposed to the world. Sinead was decried as a fanatic and her career imploded.

A second marriage to journalist Nick Sommerlad was similarly short-lived, after which she had a daughter, Roisine, 15, with news-paper columnist John Waters and a long on-off relationship with diarist Dermott Hayes.

As one of her exasperated former partners put it to me: 'It's been like this all her life and I cannot see it ever changing. When she was younger she was obsessed with the issue of child abuse.

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