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As December passed and the new year began, the fate of the Grouplove show hung in the air.

Then, finally, in February, we were informed of a new date for the show: April 21, which overlapped with the second weekend of Coachella.

Every member of staff is totally committed to providing all our children with the very best education possible, where everyone feels valued, happy and ready to learn.

This website has been designed to provide the school's community, prospective parents and children with accurate and up to date information. I would encourage all parents thinking about sending their child to St Mary's to book an appointment to meet my self, or if I am unavailable a member of our team, so that we can take you on a tour of the school.

It is important that you see our staff and children in action and loving learning.

The Pacific Northwest owes a lot of thanks to the Southern California festival.

Because of it, many artists opt to make a visit to our city while on the West Coast.

We work hard to achieve success and are fully committed to the development of every child in partnership with parents and carers and the community.

Our school is a learning school - everybody involved in the life of the school is an active learner.

When I play a song like “Traumatized” and flash to a past song like “Borderlines and Aliens” which I think should also have been a single, it became massive in Australia, I am so in touch with that Grouplove sound that I feel is overlooked a lot. DG: This really appealed to us because they send pictures of the well. We could see the good we were doing, rather than just writing a check and crossing your fingers. We will move onto other stuff in the future but this one really connected with us. It says, “The future is female, male, and everything in between.” It is and goes to the LGBT community.

Just like a person that are multiple facets to someone. Our manager heard a podcast where the founder was on it. We wanted to find a charity where the money actually goes to the problem.

The band Grouplove is a Big Mess with a new album that is getting tons of radio play.

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