Updating tomtom go 300

However the devices can still be read in a Linux OS as a disk drive.

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A caution is given that the software only allows one device to be associated to an email address and the associated device can be changed only after 14 days since the previous association.

Tom Tom HOME version 2.0 and above is implemented on the XULRunner platform.

The internal flash memory or the memory card content of the device cannot be accessed anymore through USB for security reasons (modified applications would easily accept a map that wasn't sold by Tom Tom).

The device can update itself by getting files through the HTTP protocol over USB.

Telematics offers fleet management solutions for commercial fleets and is also a partner for the insurance industry to provide usage-based insurance products.

Telematics' WEBFLEET software-as-a-service (Saa S) solution allows integration with third-party applications and offers information security certified to ISO 27001 standards.

The container states that it is compatible with Mac OS × v10.3 or greater and Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (see above reference).

After installation, it has options to choose a device to be associated to and activate the software.

They use a GPS receiver to show the precise location and provide visual and spoken directions on how to drive to the specified destination.

Some Tom Tom systems also integrate with mobile phones using Bluetooth, traffic congestion maps or to actually take calls and read aloud SMS messages.

With version 2.2, Tom Tom HOME added a content-sharing platform where users can download and upload content to personalize their device such as voices, start-up images, POI sets, etc. Despite it being based on the cross-platform XULRunner, Tom Tom Home lacks support for Linux (and most probably it won't ever support, as the NAV2 devices are mostly legacy models by now).

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