Updating asus bios windows Japanese cams without registration

Here are some urgent reasons for a BIOS update, for example annoying Windows 7 blue screens that you can’t fix.

If there are instructions for use, then no problem.

Some manufacturers describe in the instructions a few models, so will have to choose the right, which is in the computer. Install and run Everest, choose (motherboard), then (BIOS) and see on the right a full information about BIOS version.

If no instructions, to determine the name of better use of special programs for the diagnosis or to determine visually. BIOS update for older computers is happening in MS DOS, should also prepare a startup disk, so an ordinary user to make the update process will be difficult.

Consider the operation of updating the BIOS for the Asus update program in the BIOS environment. Not observing the above listed regulations or for any other reason, BIOS code may be corrupted.

If BIOS is correct and ready for update, it will display “BIOS file is correct. Press “Flash” to initialize BIOS updating procedure. Press "Exit" when procedure completes and system will automatically shutdowns. Press power button to start notebook and enter BIOS.

Please confirm the loaded BIOS information as displayed in the following image.When you update the BIOS need to download updates from the manufacturer of the motherboard.For this we need to know the name of the motherboard and manufacturer.The motherboard I use is the ASUS M489GTD PRO / USB3.So, first of all you obviously need to download the BIOS from the website of your motherboard manufacturer.If you happen to use a ASUS motherboard, head over to and select your model.

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