Chatting sex thailand dating pingyao xian

She didn’t look that great at all on her profile picture and I almost closed her profile when I realized she looked a lot like my Thai girlfriend…That got me intrigued and I started chatting with her.

I had a lot of fun with her and she showed me her place as well, which was pretty decent for a Jakarta girl.

But she was a little to unstable, that became clear after a while.

I’m still in contact with her and she’ll send me some sexy nude pics from time to time.

Summary – Great sex, medium drive, sexy ass – Fun, crazy, hyperactive – Barely any English : awesome Batari is the girl from “the letter” (this post).

It’s a shore, so I don’t expect much loyalty from her, but I saw her a lot while I was living in Indonesia and I always had a great time with her.

She barely spoke any English but somehow that increased the fun.

When she started sending me her other pictures, I was more then pleasantly surprised. I won’t post pictures from her professional pics for reasons of privacy, but she looks stunning.

Besides she had a very charming personality and she was well traveled, so it was easy talking to her about the places she had visited. She messages me when she travels and sends me her pictures when she has a shoot. Summary – Great sex, sexy body, high drive – Well traveled, smart – Great english and other languages NSFW digital memory picture, click below. If you liked this post, check out: Memories of Thailand (part 1) Also: Bookmark our blog NOW and make sure to check us out regularly for updates on GAME, ADVENTURE and CITY REVIEWS for I’m Travel Hardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke.

I’m chilling in my “casa”, it’s raining outside and the sun is shining at the same moment… From the balcony I watch girls pass by in any shade of color from white, to tanned, to black.

I’m waiting for one of my girls to come over after her work, when I get a text message from Indah.

It is still the best way to travel, especially if you’re alone.


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  7. At the end of the second week encountering her repeatedly in the library in the same reading area, she asked me if I would like to accompany her to the coffee shop at the student union.

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