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Seared pork belly with the sweet and crunch of waffles.

Add in their great margaritas and wines and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a great date.

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While I did an earlier review of this favorite Raleigh sandwich spot (Hidden Gem in Raleigh), there have been changes at the Rockford after it re-opened during the summer.

The menu is a bit slimmer but they’ve kept customer favorites like the ABC (apple, bacon, cheddar) sandwich, black bean quesadilla and potstickers!

A wonderful escape from the usual Raleigh food scene which delivers great value and fun.

Now at the top end of my date spots is the wonderfully intimate, Tasca Brava! Glenwood, it really shines in an area known more for its bars and clubs.

And I’ve got a handful of restaurants that fit the bill and will keep your special someone happy at all sorts of price points!

Because let’s face it, as the guy I’m paying 95% of the time so you’ve got to be a bit cost-conscious.

The place has been refreshed in Mexico meets the South, farm motif.

But it’s still a cool, fun little spot with lots of space for a peaceful conversation.

But not to worry because you can still find a great spot without breaking the bank!

Let’s start on the low-end of the price range with the Rockford!

Next up on my best date restaurants in Raleigh list is Garland!


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