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These commentaries are not only compatible with scientific reasoning, but even display an uncommon understanding of what science is.Accordingly, we can begin to argue that the whole question of the Bible’s literal truth or falsity is considered a pointless one by the biblical text itself., meaning “earth”—all have to be explicated through the verses that follow the very first one.

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It says that various sorts of animals were brought into being just days apart, whereas the fossil record points to an incremental evolution of one species from another over millions of years.

It even seems to imply that there was water before there was light, but our understanding of water as a physical and chemical substance dictates that the reverse must be true.

In verse 6, we find that there is a rakiya, a “spread out thing.” Creating the heavens consists of situating that, or “dry thing,” as “earth.”From these first steps we can already infer that creation as bara is first and foremost about giving names to things that are distinguished by recognizable properties.

A few chapters later, this inference is resoundingly confirmed: “When God created man, He made him in the likeness of God; male and female He created them.

Ultimately, though, the project is confounded by how words spread, evolve, and diversify over time.

Originally fitted together like a tower made of bricks, the coordinated whole eventually fragments along linguistic lines, and when that happens, cooperation toward a common purpose shuts down.

We weigh up the privacy and human rights concerns against the business case put forward by the Government.

We also examine the Government's proposals – announced at the end of April – to significantly extend and “future proof” this regime in the form of its Intercept Modernisation Programme.

It turns out that it’s very easy to board a plane without accepting all the logical implications of the theory that best explains why it stays in the air.

And for any of the faithful who do want some reassurance couched in technical-sounding jargon, the halfway houses of creationist pseudoscience and intelligent design offer a menu of intellectual comfort food that is, alas, far more soothing than nourishing.

The most potent champions of secular reason have argued with some eloquence—and to no useful effect whatsoever—that religious people who believe God created the world are being contemptibly stupid and should stop.


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