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In contrast, physics is all about the reproducible relationships of specific kinds of measurable quantities such as distance, mass, charge, and time.

Biology and physics constitute two distinct languages for talking scientifically about the same world.

For the industry it raises operational challenges – how to facilitate storage and retrieval of colossal amounts of data.

We may read a multitude of lessons out of Babel’s dissolution and dispersion, but one of the most important was pointed out by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks—that there is more than one viable language for describing the world, and God wants man to speak all of them.

We can underline this point by considering cases within science itself, for people forget that there are many different scientific languages as well.

Ultimately, though, the project is confounded by how words spread, evolve, and diversify over time.

Originally fitted together like a tower made of bricks, the coordinated whole eventually fragments along linguistic lines, and when that happens, cooperation toward a common purpose shuts down.

It says that various sorts of animals were brought into being just days apart, whereas the fossil record points to an incremental evolution of one species from another over millions of years.

It even seems to imply that there was water before there was light, but our understanding of water as a physical and chemical substance dictates that the reverse must be true.

In verse 6, we find that there is a rakiya, a “spread out thing.” Creating the heavens consists of situating that, or “dry thing,” as “earth.”From these first steps we can already infer that creation as bara is first and foremost about giving names to things that are distinguished by recognizable properties.

A few chapters later, this inference is resoundingly confirmed: “When God created man, He made him in the likeness of God; male and female He created them.

It turns out that it’s very easy to board a plane without accepting all the logical implications of the theory that best explains why it stays in the air.


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