cobra 35 koen dating - Dating capricorn man tips

Hold Back On PDA’s PDA’s (public displays of affection) are not the way to go when wanting to seduce a Capricorn man.

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Self-motivated, down to earth, practical, responsible and patient are common traits in a Capricorn man and if you have recently become romantically interested in one, you need to know a few things before you make your move.

Many women find the Capricorn man attractive because he is goal-oriented, loyal and driven, but when it comes to seducing him, it is a whole other ball game.

If you want to seduce him and take the next step, show him that you are a loyal individual.

This includes all aspects of your life such as being loyal to your work, to your family and to your man.

Goats are predisposed to leadership and achievement.

They are always looking to climb the corporate ladder and be the best. They are also good at laying down a good plan of action and executing.

The Capricorn man has inner drive and is a go-getter when it comes to his personal and work-life goals.

If you show him that you respect his go-to attitude and if you show him that you will not stop until you achieve your own personal goals, you will automatically skip the line of romantic candidates and be put on his “to-do” list.

But don’t worry, despite the cold-fish you may feel that you are on a date with, your Capricorn man is quite adventurous in bed and sometimes a little kinky!

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