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While she places her hands on guy number one’s chest for support, the other guy takes her from behind via door number two.

Difficulty: Hard; requires lower body strength from anal guy.

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[Read: Threesome tips – 20 things to know before entering one] #2 The devil’s three way prefer “sexually explorative” males.

If you are a guy who takes issue with physical contact with another naked male, then a devil’s three way may not be for you.

The other guy stands in front of the girl to receive oral sex from her.

Difficulty: Medium; for the guy who has to stand until he finishes. One guy lies on his back and the girl has anal sex with him using a reverse cowgirl position, while she receives guy number two who penetrates her with a missionary position.

Difficulty: Very easy; except for the bed sheets with all the shuffling. This is a very recognizable porn position where two guys stand facing each other as the girl gets on her knees as she gives them blowjobs in alternate fashion.

[Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire] Difficulty: Medium; the girl should have strong knees and shouldn’t take care to make the two penises kiss. Disclaimer: this sex position requires bisexual or bi-curious male participants.The devil’s three way The devil’s three way or the devil’s threesome involves two males and one female. Meaning everybody should have an equal share of sexual pleasure from the threesome, and no one should be left behind to do all the work, or worse, ignored.All participating partners should be capable of making every hands and orifice work at the same time, in a manner of speaking.Guy number two then positions himself behind the girl and gives her anal sex.Difficulty: Overall hard; but extra hard for the guy below who is at risk of washing his face with the combined sex juice coming from above. Another double penetration position where all three lie on their sides on the bed.There’s also risk of man-to-man physical contact for squeamish males.


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