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Notes: I visit you at your home or hotel room for babying. Preferential age for child is RL (real life age) to be under 30 with exceptions. I have baby food on supply and even a sippy cup and pacifiers, should you choose to use them.

I have no furniture at this point with the exception of multiple baby blankets, and some clothes as mentioned. If you are to contact me, I am sure we can properly suit you together!

It never hurts to ask questions, especially with me. Notes: Hello I'm looking for teen to young adult baby that loves to have fun we will do all kinds of activities.

Supplies I would have are as follows: regular nappies (your choice on brand and style), Good Nites, Pull-Ups/Easy-Ups, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Little Movers, Slip-Ons (preference to brand will always be followed), Sensitive Diapers, Underjams/Underwear style diapers. Powder, Lotion, Oil, Stuffed Animals, Pacifiers, Soothies, Bottles, Baby Food, Changing Mats, Onesies, Hats (with one/two month stickers for them! Another word on supplies, it will be completely based on your personal preference and we can talk about it.

I have access to all of these, but it will be your decision what I show up with.

I have a fully equipped nursery with a cot, play mats, toys and lots of sissy clothes. I will drive to whatever location you would like in TN. Rates: $550 FOR 6 HOURS SESSION, $750 FOR 12 HOURS SESSION, $900 FOR 24HOURS SESSION.

AB/DL package- I cuddle with you, watch you, change your diaper, play with you and generally do baby things with you and make sure your safe. Both what we do and where we go are negotiable Notes: Hello Everyone, I come over to the USA on a regular basis, and basically I am more than happy to be your mommy, part time, while in the USA, in part exchange for accomodation. Email And Phone Training is also available for baby who don't plan of traveling or wishing to have mommy come visit them. They can be as close together or spread out as you choose.

Notes: I will come to you, Change you 1 and 2 (2 only with gloves and mask). Rates: Rates are highly negotiable and I will accommodate your budget.

Will give you enemas and suppositorys if your are bad. I am a very considerate when it comes to this, so I am sure we can work around just about anything.

Encouragement to explore, safe space, tender loving care, tactile, "firm but fair", high chair, nourishment, force feeding, C/P, spoon fed, baby bottles, baby et wipes, zinc cream, terry nappies, sponge bubble bath, cream and talcum powder your bits and pieces, pink nail varnish, sissy, mincing step, humiliation, dance, crusty, showing off, garish frilly outfits, girly socks, stilettos, alluring lingerie, bright pink lip gloss, transformation, beautiful princess, hair removal, girly wig, wayward school boy who don't like colour pink!

, school girls, role plays, corporal punishment, hog ties, nurturing, mashed banana, doggy food, mouth soaping, outings, tactile baby massage, photos (only if you agree to this), breast feeding, over the knee spanking, sissies bending over, make believe, cream pies, creamiest.

Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for.

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