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That's just how things work in this planet.""I just don't get it why the humans prefer a moron with a diploma than a genius who didn't finish skool." Tak complained."Me neither." Zim replied.

"But we gotta live a normal life in here as much as possible."Tak looked down as a painful memory hit her by Zim's last statement. Zim grabbed Dib by the collar, ready to throw a punch right on his face."Have it your way, then." Zim said morbidly, raising his fist.

Even that Gaz girl is into you, now." Tak said, pointing at Gaz with her thumb."Yeah, I guess I the girls, including Gaz."Whatever." Tak rolled her eyes. Even though everyone in Hi Skool questioned their intimacy, they never felt like that for one another."'Sup, alien scums! " Zim exclaimed, turning back to Dib with pure rage on his face. It's not worth it." Tak said."You're right." Zim replied looking down at Dib with repulse.

A familiar voice called to Zim as a million thoughts raced through his mind…"Something on your mind, Master? It's just…" Zim stopped mid-sentence."You're starting to have feelings for the earthling." The computer finished the sentence for him."H-how did you-?! A ringing sound pierced Zim's antennae the next morning.

" Zim started."We're in the same house, you know…" The computer cut his master off."… " Zim asked, sighing."As a machine, I seriously don't know." The computer replied to his master. "But I have to tell you…""I thought I told you to shut up." Zim said in a threatening manner. Zim stormed out of the lab and went upstairs to try and get some sleep. He reached out and turned off the alarm clock on his nightstand, trying to gather the courage and slip out the covers. It took a while, but Zim finally managed to at least sit on his bed, pushing the covers away and rubbing his eyes, then he got up and went to eat breakfast with GIR.

Unfortunately for Zim, Dib wasn't around when the whole scene happened. The Irkens walked to the skool's parking lot, Zim got on his motorcycle and Tak got in her car, then each one took a different path, driving straight home.

And how will he be able to do so without getting his feelings involved? When night began to fall, Zim left his work and drove straight home.

Zim grew to fit the popular kids' circle, even though he didn't make part of any skool team (he wasn't interested in that), he still had the style and the looks for so, and he wouldn't lie, he kind of liked all the attention he was receiving.

Entering the building Zim spotted someone waving at him, he smiled at Tak and went to meet her."Hey, Tak!And how will he be able to do so without getting his feelings involved? Disclaimer: I do not own Invader Zim or its characters.Also, I don't speak English 100% fluently, so bear with me.Zim grew up to be wished and wanted by all the girls in Hi Skool (and probably some boys), but Dib still won't leave him be.Taking advantage of his popularity, Zim starts dating Gaz to drive Dib insane, but how long will he be able to keep up with his lies?After parking on the skool's parking lot, the driver hopped off the motorcycle taking off his helmet, revealing his green face. He seemed to have grown quite a few over the years, managing to trespass his still arch-enemy, Dib, in height a few inches, he also always wore clothes that valued his muscles.


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  3. Geographical mismatches are also bad signs, such as someone claiming to be in Brooklyn when their IP address points to the other side of the planet.

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