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You are given only four options to impress a Celebrity: Brag about Wealth, Brag about a Skill, Talk about a Career Type, and Name Drop.Brag about wealth may work with not too much money on a low level celebrity, but the higher ranked celebs will chuckle and brush you aside if you brag about a puny 5 thousand simoleons.If you see a place anyone can enter like The Grind or Waylon's Haunt is going to be a hot spot, be sure to try to make an attendance.

The Sims 3 Late Night is very focused on the night life scene - getting into the hottest clubs, partying down and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

To enjoy most of the new features to their fullest, a Sim should aim for some level of Celebrity for themselves.

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Impressing Celebrities Impressing celebrities early in a Sim's life can be challenging.

They may not have many skills, or money on which to brag.

You'll need a minimum star ranking to get into the most exclusive hangouts in town.

With this guide to fame in Late Night, we'll show you how to raise your Sim's star level, become a celebrity, get special items, and make a Sim so famous they can walk right into any night club they like.

Star Quality helps to increase celebrity level, but other traits can be even more helpful. These can both go a long way toward befriending celebrities.

You may even make a great kisser if you want your Sim to have a better chance to marry one.

One obvious perk is the gameplay element of being a famous Sim.


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