Open source dating software

The Linux Foundation and its members are accelerating this future by bringing open source communities together on a common set of goals.

The alignment of the Yocto Project and Open Embedded is one big step towards that future.

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The open source Yocto Project brings together the elements needed to make the embedded Linux development process easier. Mentor Embedded Linux combines the freedom of open source software, the flexibility of extreme customizability and the security of full commercial support in a powerful, easy-to-use package.

We’re happy to be working with the Yocto Project and believe it can advance Linux development efforts for embedded systems and devices. Wind River® Linux is the evolutionary next step for open source platforms, elevating the value of our popular embedded Linux platform.

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The Yocto Project is helping bring together contributors from the Open Embedded community and many other important, upstream projects. Also check out the openembedded-core list and the bitbake-devel list, hosted by Open Embedded.

Together these projects bring additional force to the advancement of embedded Linux devices. Enea Linux is based on specifically selected Yocto Project open source configuration and build technology packages, for communication and networking needs.

That’s why Oh Mi Bod is making the first bluetooth vibrator to be open sourced to developers.

Easily integrate our SDK for full bluetooth functionality control including battery monitoring and remote power control.

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