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MCAULIFFE: I guess I’d always mocked the American accent.

I didn’t consider it a respectable dialect, but I was told that it was, so I was happy with that. Once you’d been cast, did you read the book to help you understand your character better, or did you just stick with what was in the script?

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And, they really stayed true to the book as well, which I think everyone will like. Did you guys do anything to get to know each other before filming? In one of the auditions, they brought me in to read with her and, from the start, I thought she was fantastic. What was it like to work with someone the caliber of Rob Reiner? If you did something that he didn’t like, he’d stand up and say, “That was terrible.” If it was good, he’d stand up and say, “That was fantastic! MCAULIFFE: I really liked the films, but can’t say that I’m an avid sci-fi watcher.

She was a really good actress and we got along straight away. ” He had a really organized set and he knew exactly what he was doing. What was your reaction when you saw the movie for the first time? MCAULIFFE: I hate watching myself, as do a lot of actors. Can you talk about what that film is about and who you play in it? MCAULIFFE: I’m a big moviegoer, so I’m fans of a whole bunch of movies. If a sci-fi movies comes out, I don’t instantly go see it because it’s sci-fi. Did someone or something inspire you, or did you just always want to be a performer?

He appeared as young Jay Gatsby in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby.

He was a track athlete until he was injured, leading to a stronger focus on the performing arts.

CALLAN MCAULIFFE: I play Bryce Loski, and he’s another interesting, confused teenager who’s caught up in the struggles of going through puberty. It’s a teenage coming-of-age story about two confused teenagers who are falling in and out of love. I came over to meet my manager, who had just signed me up, and they were just like, “Oh, we found you this script for your first American audition. You probably won’t get it, but it will be fun anyway.” And so, I went and did it, and then I did about five or six call-backs for that role.

What was it about this film and the character that attracted you to this project and made you want to be a part of it? They were really concerned about me being Australian, money wise, because it was difficult. And then, eventually they called and said, “You got the role,” and I was like, “Wow, that’s really cool!In May 2010, Mc Auliffe was cast in a lead role in the science fiction film I Am Number Four based on the novel of the same title by Pittacus Lore, the film is produced by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.He played Sam, the best friend of Alex Pettyfer's title character.The current relationship status of Callan Mc Auliffe is not known. Callan Ryan Claude Mc Auliffe (born 24 January 1995) is an Australian actor, known for his roles as Bryce Loski in Flipped and Sam Goode in I Am Number Four.MCAULIFFE: I decided not to read that until I’ve finished the film. You never know if you’re actually going to do something. With such a big cast, are there particular actors that you’re working with most often? Caruso seems to do more action-oriented type of films, but he’s just as good. He’s such a nice guy, and the same with Rob Reiner. If you can’t be there, then they’ll drop you, so that you don’t let down the team.


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