Adam dating tommy

Is there one particular record or song that changed your life or how you think about music? It took a little while to get the finesse for the bass, since I use a pick and was a guitar player playing bass (which really upset a lot of traditional bass players haha! My influences for the bass were Twiggy Ramirez, Simon Gallup and Cliff Burton.Adam's first album 'For Your Entertainment' was sort of his homage to glam rock.

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Adam Lambert checked in with his Twitter followers (@adamlambert) on Monday (February 21), sounding unhappy with his fans for comments some of them made towards his guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff on the micro blogging service.

The ‘American Idol’ alum also posted a photo he took with Miley Cyrus.

You originally auditioned for Adam Lambert’s band as a guitarist, but joined as a bassist and are now back to guitar.

What would you say are your main musical influences and have you been able to incorporate them into your current work with Adam Lambert?

legends Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are now dating, reports US Weekly.

C.," and Meester, also known as "Gossip Girl's" Blair Waldorf, costarred together in the 2011 drama "The Oranges" and are rumored to have been secretly dating for weeks.

It's hard to say what my favourite song is, because there are so many different styles on the album and they're all really fun to play and think of guitar parts to fit live. What's your favourite track to perform live and why? I love the darker 90s sounding stuff so much and they feel amazing to perform.

But getting to play the songs with a little more funk in them is really exciting.

I think that's why people will relate to 'Trespassing' well, because it's all over the place. Have you had any crazy encounters that you’d like to share? The first time I was asked for an autograph and a photo blew me away. It's a great feeling knowing that people out there respect you and love you for playing music. How has your relationship with Adam Lambert progressed – you’ve previously explained you’re as close as brothers – since you started out in the band?


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