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Funny enough, against all my fears they were all so very supportive.Thing is, I have no gay friends and I live in a tiny town where everyone knows who you are or what you do.

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They have a much more comfortable feel that I appreciate.

I’ve definitely been converted into a skins-type, but I’ll go for the old latex condoms if ever I’m in a bind.

Try adding more interests.” Well I guess there is no gay chat there. A place where I wouldn’t have to say, “Hey are you gay? ” I’m guessing there are even fewer chances of me finding a Gay sex chat where I can discover the real way of gay sexuality because after all I’m just a beginner.

FIRST GAY SEXUAL EXPERIENCES I’ve really thought about this long and hard and have come to the conclusion that I would rather experiment my sexuality online with other experienced gays than just fuck a random gay stranger from out of town. I am a shy and inexperienced guy and I’m not really sure how to go about it.

Finally I went for the lambskins just out of curiosity.

Personally, I find lambskins to be way better than those thin sensation blah-blah-blah fancy condoms.I can’t tell which came first, the Bill Gates Foundation Grant, or Origami Condoms.In any case, this company has some pretty interesting ideas, even if at first I was apprehensive about their name (I was kind of scared at first when I thought of an erect penis being folded up into different shapes) but as I read about the company I realized that the name suits it well.They call themselves Origami Condoms because their condoms (right, not the penis – I guess I had a blond moment! When you take these re-designed beauties out from their packages they actually fold out accordion-style. I have to say that I’ve been using condoms for years, and every single condom that I’ve ever opened be it latex, lambskin, flavoured, ultra-thin, tingly, prickly- whatever the condom, I’m always disappointed that I have to roll that thing out – it’s like putting on tight swim cap!Oh, and God forbid that you start putting it on the wrong direction! Secondly, I was impressed by its bold statement of having the world’s first anal condom (insert heavenly singing here! I have to tell you about this so you can fully understand my issue with not having ever used an anal condom.I am on my way to a whole new world of wonder and welfare and I feel that for once in my life I can be myself.

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