Dating vintage clothing guide

Therefore, you must check the item’s little characteristics to truly determine if your find is vintage and from what decade.If you are on the hunt for true vintage (versus vintage inspired or reproduced), then you must ALWAYS check the tag. It is a good sign if the tag is old or worn but this is not always your most reliable clue.

terms like “70s does 30s”.) This will by no means be a definitive list of details to look for in your clothing, however we hope it will help build a foundation for those of you in the beginning stages of vintage collecting!

(1930s fashion show via Wearing History) The 1930s were a time of economic hardship for the majority of North Americans.

The Great Depression vastly influenced the fashion industry, in that most families were unable to spend much money on clothing beyond the necessities.

Because of this, handmade clothing was extremely common.

I run a small vintage clothing store on Etsy called Dizzy Dreamer Vintage.

Dizzy Dreamer started out with my exploding closet of vintage threads.(30s film star Jean Harlow in a bias cut, Art Deco inspired gown, via One Wed) Throughout the 30s, garment waistlines typically sat right at the natural waist or slightly above (raised from the dropped waists of the 1920s.) Hemlines tended to be on the longer side, just below the knee or longer.In general, the overall silhouette tended to be long and sleek, no extreme hourglass silhouettes like you would see in the 1950s.If you are hoping to spot a classic 1950’s rockabilly dress straight from your local thrift shop, think again.My best luck is when I ditch the store and thrift the outlet.Sometime in the 1920s, feedsack manufacturers decided they may sell more product if the sacks were printed with colourful vibrant designs.


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