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In particular, she was struck by how vulnerable the southern Belize marine ecosystem was to climate change like rising sea temperatures.So, in 2006, Carne founded Fragments of Hope, a community-based organisation that, with the help of a coral nursery, aims to restore an endangered species of Belize’s Barrier Reef, a Unesco World Heritage site.

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Professor Mary Beard – Professor Mary Beard is hardly your average scholar, having achieved a cultural niche of bringing classics to the masses via popular television, as well as her academic work and role as a promoter of women.

She has been University of Cambridge professor of classics since 2004, and is also classics editor of the , presenting ancient life as relevant to a modern audience.

We only have templates that make them men.” She has spent this year proving otherwise.

Lisa Carne – Lisa Carne was only a young biologist and coral researcher when she witnessed the effects of 2001 Hurricane Iris on the Central American country of Belize.

Countries are starting to tackle period poverty and abolish the tampon tax.

A teenager in Mexico invented a bra that could detect breast cancer.

As a young woman, Aluko managed to take her A-levels while playing for England during the Uefa Women’s Euro 2005.

She also went on to Brunel to gain a first-class law degree, and then to achieve international law qualifications.

As she achieved national fame – unusual for an academic – she had to contend with the backlash: critic AA Gill judged her “too ugly for television” in a review that mostly concerned her looks.

Beard hit back, calling him part of “the blokeish culture that loves to decry clever women”.

The project has been hailed as a huge success, significantly increased the coral population in Belize.

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