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Then you have the whole room temperature versus fridge versus freezer storage issue as well, which also tends to separate out the more reactive stuff into the colder compartments.

(In my own experience, it’s cold storage in the labs, which is definitely necessary, that does more than anything else to randomize the attempts to track reagents department-wide).

A notice had come out to everyone about old peroxide-forming reagents needing to be disposed of, especially in the non-chemistry labs.

Jason Patt, the NBA managing editor at even popularized the hashtag #TNTBulls to heighten the hilarity of the nearly absurd achievement. Storylines: The Bucks have lost three straight and haven't played since Monday, so they'll be rested to start the home-and-away, back-to-back. They tied the Nuggets in their next outing, a road loss, and now have been outscored outright in nine straight...

The Bulls have won 16 straight regular-season home games on TNT, dating to a Feb. This surreal streak has featured game-winning shots from the expected (Derrick Rose) to the unexpected (E'Twaun Moore). The Bulls are 6-7 on the road and 2-2 against divisional opponents. The Bulls have been limping to the finish line — and it's costing them games. 20 road victory over the Lakers have the Bulls outscored their opponent in the fourth quarter. Johnson)The Bulls' next opportunity to extend this streak is the last night of action before the All-Star break, Feb. (Steve Rosenbloom)If Albert calls a Bulls' victory on Feb. Translated, if the streak grows to 19 by season's end, it's beyond ridiculous."From a personal point of view, going back to the Michael Jordan era, my broadcast record in Chicago is off the charts," Albert said.

"Hopefully, we get in the playoffs and we schedule TNT games."But therein lies the rub. It's just such a great scene." If you wondered just how mentally weak a supposedly veteran Bulls team could be, then that embarrassment Tuesday night against a team tied for the worst record in the league told you everything. Moore buried the shot over Russell Westbrook on his then-career-high 19-point night.

The Bulls have died some slow deaths on national TV in the playoffs. In Dwyane Wade's Bulls debut, Albert called Wade's game-icing 3-pointer with 26.3 seconds left: "Dwayne Wade able to connect from downtown!

It's just fun now for the fan base — and the players."For real? The Bulls won in Wade's emotional return to Miami on Nov. But overall since the home regular-season winning streak on TNT began, the Bulls are just 6-9 in Thursday night regular-season road games on the network. "The Bulls have the best in-arena game presentation to me. With Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller on the call, E'Twaun Moore capped a nifty out-of-bounds play with a game-winning 3-pointer with 2.1 seconds left.

" newcomer Rajon Rondo said when told of the streak. Apparently, it needs to be a home game to hear Albert's signature "Yes! " call."I think they're a playoff team," Albert said of the Bulls. I still get the chills when the lineups are introduced. Mike Dunleavy inbounded to the post to Pau Gasol, who kicked it out to Moore without the ball touching the ground.

Individuals and individual labs, naturally, sometimes evolve their own systems.

From an organic chemistry viewpoint, there’s a lot to be said for a whole cabinet that’s nothing but primary and secondary amines, for example, or a whole box of isocyanates or carboxylic acids.

I will admit that my Twitter feed is going to be rather more politicized than usual for some time to come, but this is not a political site, and thank God for that.

I have to say, it certainly brings in the comments and the traffic, but that’s not my goal in life.

It has seen a Knicks' 13-game winning streak end, star turns from the expected (Dwyane Wade) to the unexpected (Nate Robinson) and two defeats for Le Bron James and his crew, one each with the Heat and Cavaliers. They tied the Nuggets in their next outing, a road loss, and now have been outscored outright in nine straight... 16 against the Celtics."If they lose, it's me, no question," said legendary TNT broadcaster Marv Albert, who will call that game, clearly taking the bait and having fun with the topic. 16 over the Celtics and the streak grows to 17, the Bulls have two more Thursday night home games on TNT. So is the Bulls' mark on Thursday night home TNT games.

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