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(For all we know, it was visible; whether it was possible for anyone to identify it as an Apollo spacecraft, that's an altogether different question.) Some people believe that the earlier landings were faked, but that NASA finally managed to get there some time in the 1970s.They assert that the program was behind schedule and the United States faked reports of the first landing to fulfill Kennedy's unofficial deadline of "before the decade is out" and/or to score the first landing before the Soviets managed to get theirs.

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A number of conspiracy theorists do accept that NASA went to the moon, and — with unmanned probes — the rest of the Solar System; however, the things those craft saw were so incredible that The Powers That Be had to doctor the photographs to hide evidence of aliens (or Space Nazis).

As usual, no good reason has ever been given for anyone wanting to conceal such a discovery.

Aforementioned Bill Kaysing argued for a middle ground between this option and the previous option: namely, that Apollo spacecraft went into a low orbit on remote control, but astronauts themselves were whisked away to the "moon set" in Nevada before launch.

The fact that an Apollo spacecraft would have been clearly visible on earth orbit is completely ignored.

From transport to technology, health and education, crime and politics, these pages contain stories that will fascinate anyone who has a link with Kent and particularly those researching family history.

but persistent, number of people who think that the Apollo Moon landings of the late 60s and early 70s were staged and faked propaganda films produced by NASA in pursuit of embarrassing the USSR in the Cold War, as opposed to the actual moon landings taking place being an infinitely greater triumph of the US over the USSR - but disregard that fact.

And apparently, Johnson somehow missed Sputnik 1 and the significant number of satellites launched in the 1960s. Johnson further believed that the Apollo missions were filmed by Hollywood studios, and dismissed the then-new Space Shuttle as "a very ludicrous joke." because it would contradict what their holy texts say about the Moon (for example, that it is further away than the Sun, surrounded by fire and ice, and the source of planetary vegetation).

This attitude dates back to the founder of the movement (A. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) and the time of the landings themselves, though it doesn't seem to be a tenet of the modern ISKCON itself.

Proponents of such claims never bother to check the facts, such as what kinds of ionizing radiation exist in space, what are their sources, what are the expected radiation levels and what protective measures are taken against them.

Ignorance of space radiation and its effects can lead to amusing results, such as claiming that passing through the Van Allen belts would literally melt the Apollo spacecraft while Van Allen himself stated that it's all nonsense.

a large number of websites with a You Tube video purporting to be the trailer of a "docudrama" claiming that the technology for the Moon landings was in fact developed by Yugoslavia using the writings of the Slovenian space exploration visionary/pioneer Thanks to the aggressive promotion, the video managed to accumulate over a million views, but the documentary failed to materialize in the promised timeline (the original posts suggested it would be released "later this year" It's the creation of Slovenian director Ziga Virc, who has a history of pulling stunts like that: his earlier movie Triest is ours!


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