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Most egregiously in Ramthun's book, he is encouraging feminism in his daughter. "Let’s hope it’s just a meme, and not an actual t-shirt," she concludes. (Take, for instance, this message from some daughter-dating rules at the Free Republic: "I'm sure you've been told that in today's world, sex without utilizing a 'barrier method' of some kind can kill you.

Let me elaborate, when it comes to sex, I am the barrier, and I will kill you." Har, har.] Not every dad sees his daughter as a "princess" or "angel" who needs constant shielding from boys, which doesn't mean he doesn't care (or won't want to hurt anyone who hurts her).

Dads have been known to be a bit overprotective of their daughters — especially when it comes to boys.

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She shoots mostly hardcore boy-girl scenes, and has been on such big adult websites as Reality Kings and Naughty America.

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But part of raising kids is eventually trusting them to make their own choices, and this includes choices about sexual activity.

Besides, the idea of "she makes the rules" might actually be a more powerful one to deter horny teen boys.

” The photo was posted to Reddit on Saturday accompanied by the heading, “Dad security.” While it was on the site’s “Funny” section and some saw it as a joke, not everyone was laughing at the image.

“Sexism, narcissism and sexualizing a preteen,” one commenter wrote.

But this dad, known as the Feminist Father, decided to use a t-shirt to teach boys how to treat his little girl.

We may invest in a few of these for future boyfriend encounters!

It’s the image that’s launched an ever-growing tide of Internet outrage.


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