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“Gossip spreads more easily compared to how it would in the deaf or gay communities alone—so there is more pressure to protect your reputation,” says another friend, Noe Turcios.Noe admits we’re kind of limited, romance-wise: “My dating pool consists of the deaf gay men in my area and hearing men who happen to be fluent in American Sign Language.

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“Marriage, Not Dating” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Song Hyun Sook.

I’d be lying if I said that growing up deaf wasn’t a challenge.

Most hearing gay guys can’t sign and know nothing about deaf culture.

The deaf community values—even requires—expressiveness in hand movements to communicate.

Gay men can be unaccepting of those who don’t fit a certain mold: If you’re not handsome, fit and white—and able—you tend to get shunned.

Being a deaf gay man has also been difficult just in terms of communication and cultural understanding.My parents have been incredibly supportive but it was difficult for me to accept that there was not one, but two fundamental differences between us.Moreover, deaf and queer individuals both have the experience of having to “come out” repeatedly.That we couldn’t drive, speak clearly, or even read.I took comfort, though, in the knowledge that many other people identified as part of one minority group or another, and that I wasn’t alone.The look on Kourtney’s face says it all as she stops to wait up after stepping out of the SUV, only to have Younes leave her in the dust.


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