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Our “Cheapskate” design can be built for 0-300 and sails very well with Sunfish spars and sail.

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He is the co-author of Think Ice The DN Iceboating Book, now in its sixth printing.

He also is the designer of “Gambit” a successful cartop two seat iceboat since the 1970s.

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We hope their enthusiasm is shared by future builders of Cheapskates.

FUSELAGE Nothing here needs to be bent, laminated, or tortured.Bill Bunting, Maine and maritime historical author, is the head instigator of the Cheapskate project and provided the name.His wife Jennifer is a retired publisher, she polished the text.This is a highly stressed structure, especially forward where visible flexing occurs while sailing (smoothing out the ride). The cockpit looks very shallow but no one has fallen out while sailing. Some thought is needed if the builder wishes a longer or shorter cockpit.Stress continues back to the runner plank attachment. 2 X 6s would add a lot of weight and likely produce a rougher ride, like a DN with its rigid box structure. The plank is already as far forward as allowed in the DN and the wheelbase already short, which affects steering, already brisk.The economy of Cheapskate is achieved by avoiding the refined go fast aspects of the DN that have evolved over seventy years of racing a boat that was originally designed to be economical and easy to build, our goal also. Some building skill, with special attention to a few details, is required.

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