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The unprepared would feel nothing, but all mankind would receive an immense spiritual push.

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I began to read his words, read of his astoundingly simple relationship with his disciples (Mandali) and of his silence for 40 years. If I read any more lines like "What I want from my Lovers is real unadulterated love, and from my genuine workers I expect real work done," I would have to decide once and for all whether the whole thing was really for me or not. No, it's just that I was unwilling to let go of that incredible piece of happiness, that unqualified stab of love that I didn't even ask for, didn't expect, and it's made my life, which I know to be as colorful as any, gray in comparison.

"Maybe I should try to talk about how Baba affects my life and how his presence helps or changes things in my work. "As the river flows down outside my home, I look out and remember that eventually it will reach the sea.

The thing I tell people that ask me this question is that nothing ostensibly changes when an individual hears about Baba and starts to devote time to thinking about him and his work. "Just as he gives you the first real taste of love, unqualified by any commitment you may or may not make to him and his life, so you yourself take it away. Each little stream that runs into the Thames feeding it and building it sustains the ocean.

No all-pervading joy creeps into life, no formula for solving difficult problems. Unprepared to receive such upfront and powerful love, the individual hides from it. Once you've hidden, it’s hard to find the person from whom you're hiding. Retains the cycle of life that keeps our planet moist and airy.

I'm my own witness, I know when I'm doing it right according to my own set of rules.

I get scared when I don't live up to those rules, that's all. I feel there's a power within me that's getting more and more impatient with me, like a schizophrenic situation.” “You bring up Meher Baba and express surprise at the amount that hasn't changed in me.

Sure enough, each theory that I had expounded, many to do with reincarnation and its inevitability when considered in the light of law of averages, were summed up in one sentence.” “What was so sneaky about the whole affair was the way Baba crept into my life.

At first his words were encouraging, his state of consciousness and his claims to be the Christ exciting and daring, later they became scary. People could easily get the idea that I'm an unwilling Baba lover, or "Baba Tryer" as I prefer to call myself.

In the afternoon, I saw a film of his entombment and felt a most powerful feeling of his presence throughout the day.

It is incredible to me – as I'm sure it is to many witnesses of my day-to-day behavior – that I still feel so moved by Meher Baba's words, photographs and films.

One of these Masters, Upasni Maharaj, threw a stone at Baba, hitting him at the spot where Babajan had kissed him, between his eyes.


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