Kenny chesney is he dating

The person next to me knew who she was and told me she is a personal trainer and her name is Mandy Morales.

I was wondering if anyone knows anymore about her and if they are dating? I know he was dating a blonde before Christmas, he took her to the CMA awards and the artists of the year with him but then someone was saying they broke up and he was alone at the ACM's and CMT awards.

IMO you are either her or a friend of hers posting with her blessing and that is pathetic.

And IF you are just some curious person and that's a huge IF then its also pretty pathetic that you practically stalked someone to find out all that stuff. They weren't in a mall, they were in a restaurant in the Cool Springs area.

I don't know if this Mandy person is the girl who used to date Kenny or if she still talks to him or if she wants to date him or if they are just friends or if she never even met him.

Regardless of which one of the above are true, I think this posting about her is very suspect and it sounds like to me she is trying to get her name out there associated with Kenny.

I just don't see Kenny telling his family, hey I have three or four "friends" on the side, which one do want to meet today? His family wants to him to settle down and have a family.

No I'm not her and I understand what your saying and its true only he knows, I just happen to think he's not as bad of a guy as everyone thinks he is. I just want to say that this whole thread is comical, who cares.May 2005 - September 2005Kenny and Renee got married after dating just a few months.He said “I may well be the luckiest man alive,” in regards to their marriage.They should know that there are many untrue things said about Kenny, its the nature of the business.When it comes down to it only Kenny knows how he feels and exactly how "taken" he is.Wow, I'm not trying to bother him and my friend didn't mean anything by taking the picture. If its true and he really is way taken then that's refreshing and good for Kenny that he's finally gonna grow up and act 44.

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