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Sean is openly gay/bisexual around close friends, but not to the public.” Okay I’m confused. Is it a fake relationship to help real gay players come out? Or has Sean Avery been boning dudes the whole time? I’m cool with how ever you roll bro, just let me know what we’re working with here.

been dating for 3 months - Sean avery dating andy cohen

The pair didn't exactly deny the engagement chatter, either!

model Hilary Rhoda and her fiancé, former NHL star Sean Avery.

When the couple announced their engagement in November 2013, all of the East End cheered, eager to get a glimpse at what will surely be one of the chicest nuptials in recent memory.

Now the couple have formed a second union, with a beautiful home in Southampton, the renovation of which inspired Avery to launch his latest company, Avery/Gallanti Design, which remodels then resells moderately priced East End homes.

We’re buying houses and fixing them up, and we’re going to sell them. I am currently building three homes and have two others we will start after we sell a few. I probably would not be for hire because I don’t know how that would go over. London Jewelers, 2 Main St., East Hampton, 329-3939' width="650" height="788" What attracted you to Southampton? When I was playing for the Rangers, I was the only guy who stayed in New York during the summers, so Hilary owning a home in Southampton was great because we had a place to go in the summer, which was my off-season and the only time I could ever go away anywhere. We’re just starting to meet with wedding planners and figure out where we’re going to do it, but we’re aiming for the fall. We’re going to have an amazing weekend—all of our friends are going to be here, and no matter what happens, it’s going to be fun and beautiful. Neither of us is the bridezilla and groomzilla type, because both of us are pretty low-key, and we just want a fun party where we can just be with all our friends. SA: I can say I’m a part of the age-old story—girl walks into a bar and guy says to his buddy, “That’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I’m going to marry her.” I had just opened a bar [in Manhattan] called Warren 77, and Hilary came to the opening party with her girlfriend.

Everything you’ve been posting looks beautiful; I would hire you to do my house out here. You would have to tell me what you like, and I don’t know how to tell you what you’re supposed to like. Hilary Rhoda: My first time in the Hamptons was when I was still in high school. HR: I went home alone that night, but he got my number from the girlfriend I had come with and texted me that night when I got home. HR: We were both up for anything, and we love each other’s company.

“I’m doing it in a way that I’m calling the ‘new traditional’ home,” Avery says of the company’s current project at 52 Prospect.

“The new tradition is about building homes with the materials and colors that our generation is drawn to, like a black aluminum standing-seam roof, but still including cedar shingles for the siding.” Avery and Rhoda have also partnered with popular local swimwear brand Solid & Striped for a new advertising campaign, which was shot in and around the Hamptons.

He’d do anything for anybody, and he’s very generous. Bumble and Bumble Semisumo (), Styling Lotion Styling by Gregory Wein for


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