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The international outlook of the team reflects the desires of thousands of singles to go beyond borders to find love abroad.

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She had such a good time that she came back again in March.

Then, on July 22, 2017, Anna and Peter got married at St. Today, Peter and Anna Rinaldi live happily in a condo on the water in Bonita Springs.

Among the fastest-growing Eastern European dating websites, sees an average of 500 new registrations each week.

In total, the site has more than 175,000 members browsing for a date online.

“You can connect with the owners at any time, and we have a great customer support.” Members who send in an inquiry to the customer service team can expect a response within 24 hours.

Such personalized attention is rare among large-scale dating platforms, but Stefan and his team go the extra mile to help singles on the site.

Last of all, you’ll describe your ideal partner in your own words and select the age, height, and weight range for the person you’re looking for.

Additionally, the About Me section is optional but highly recommended because giving personalized details about yourself will show members that you’re authentic, interesting, and worth getting to know.

Generally speaking, Russian dating websites get a bad rap for baiting members with fake profiles and paid models, but rejects such unsavory tactics.

Founded in 2009, the niche dating site set itself apart by cultivating a diverse and genuine membership base of thousands of singles.

is part of the long-established Red Square Cupid network of independent niche dating websites.


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