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Well, I can’t even [tell you what happened] because I get yanked to the left. [There was Jewel] running – she ran that really steep incline in like ten seconds. J.: And the stills photographer had it on high speed and he showed me the pictures afterwards. We usually end up at Nathan’s house playing this game that he has. Apparently he’s on some show, CASTLE, I’ve never heard of it. That’s another thing we do in Nathan’s big media room, we sit around and listen to Nathan talk about winning the lottery, which I think he said in the press at some point. And once they kind of become a fan of yours, they’re your fan. And all these explosions happen and I look up, and it looked like E. And I fell on the ground laughing so hard because I couldn’t even climb up the mountain and Jewel was gone. They ran up, and I’m crying because Jewel, the mountain goat, is up the [mountain before me] …It was so funny. JEWEL: And the craziest thing is I don’t remember that happening. It literally shows in leaps and bounds, Jewel just flying up this hill. And he has this big media room now, with this huge big screen TV. JEWEL: In terms of which show had a bigger impact on my life, I mean STARGATE was obviously a longer job. And he was like, ‘If I win the lottery I’m going to buy the rights to A. And there’s been a couple of times where I’ve just been so blown away and touched by some of the nicest people I’ve met and some of the coolest. Opine of the great things about having Twitter is being able to have that instant connection with them, and just showing gratitude of the support.

And at the end of the day, she sort of has to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.

[Touching upon the] fan base and how much they follow you on that, when you get that love and respect from people it makes you want to continue in that genre and do good work for them. I also think that as an actor I just look for really fun characters to play. And that’s why I like staying in this genre so much. You’re looking at the other actors you’re working with and there’s nothing there. But green screen is definitely, I think, the hardest thing to do. It’s the hardest thing to do without laughing too, because you do just feel so ridiculous. JEWEL: Well, I was kind of hoping for the title of this movie at the beginning when we were shooting — the working title I think was DOOMSDAY SCROLLS and then they were like, ‘Well we’re going to change the name before the movie airs’ and I was like, ‘Well what are we going to change it to? But regardless, just in case the world ends, let me tell you I’m going to be sitting on a beach in Maui with a Mai Tai in my hand. I don’t think that it’s the end of days by any means. But I really think it’s going to be something great. J.: One of my favorite comics growing up was Daredevil.

, I dug out some old VHS copies of episodes and showed him one of my favourite episodes.

Part way through, one of the actors playing a bit part (the character committed suicide pretty early on) started to look familiar. Neither of us could quite place him for a long, long time..

Then they had to cut because I’m just cackling on the ground. All I remember is hearing explosions and then I was at the top of the hill looking down. And he bought this game, I think it’s called Dance Revolution, I think. I was on that job for three years, and I got to shoot in my hometown for a whole three years and see my family and see my friends and sleep in my own bed, which is really great. J.: Yes, THE X-FILES, that was actually one of my very first gigs. My first sort of real experience of it was with SUPERNATURAL and GHOSTFACERS and kind of really feeling how dedicated they were. I mean, every time I go to these conventions I think about that and go, “I wonder what it is? Because again, going back to what I said before, a lot of things have happened because of that fan base in my career. And Being Human’s great too — I’m loving BEING HUMAN.

Where you, you know the sensors pick up your body movements and you have to kind of mime the dancing. But with FIREFLY, it feels like unfinished business. And it was so funny I didn’t really understand even what it meant to – you know, because my character had to get high and all this other stuff. And the reason GHOSTFACERS had kind of come back and turned into what it was, it was completely because of the fans and the blogging and the boardrooms and stuff. JEWEL: Yes, I’ve always had this little actor complex where I want to play a superhero and I just will not let it go. , Syfy premiers its latest science fiction adventure entitled DOOMSDAY PROPHECY. Taking a few minutes to chat with press about the film and other fun subjects were Jewel and A. Of course, the end of the world is coming, so he realizes that he’s the guy that has to do this — and he needs a partner in crime, which has to be Jewel – and I’m like, ‘Sweet, this is going to be fun! JEWEL: I play Brooke (Calvin) who is a young archaeologist — emphasis on young! So I just knew that there were so many times in the script where you just read things were exploding or falling apart or racing in a car, and I was like, ‘Oh this would be actually really fun to go and do.’ To get out of what I’ve been doing for so long. But I’d done a sci-fi movie before called MOTHMAN — everybody knows it, award winning — but I had so much fun on that shoot. So I knew that I was going to have a good time — and then they mentioned that A. Edward James Olmos and just that whole [show] – it was so well written. Buckley, DOOMSDAY PROPHECY is the countdown to a cataclysmic event that their characters race to prevent. This is sort of a journey that he goes on, and I think it answers a lot of questions for him really quickly. With CSI, I’m so confined to this character that lives in a lab. I’m from Vancouver as well, and I’d been living in L. for the last few years and any time I get to work in Vancouver, I totally jump at the chance. JEWEL: I’m going to answer this honestly, ‘This is a fun, crazy movie.’ It’s one of those sci-fi movies that you sit back on a Saturday night with your bowl of popcorn and you zone out and you have fun. I don’t know if it deals with any serious themes happening in the real world right now. Sometimes you just don’t really want to think too much. They’re really fun, like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, that’s an amazing show.It’s like when you have this really amazing love affair with someone and then you break up over something stupid and you can’t stop thinking about them and you always wonder, ‘What if? So I was going to the audition and I didn’t even know, I think I was like 14 – 13 or 14, and Kim Manners was the director, who was on Supernatural but passed away last year. I was like 13 and I played this young kidnapped victim, and the crazy pedophile was trying to drown me in the river. JEWEL: Well for me I think sci-fi fans are the most loyal group of fans ever. And I’d never really realized that before about – I always knew how important fans were, but it’s like as Jewel said, the dedication of the sci-fi fans is second to none. And I remember him just like walking through me, what it is to do this and to do that. And then Mulder saves me and I got mouth to mouth from him, which was a very weird experience when you’re a 13 year-old girl. Like they will follow you loyally wherever you go and watch whatever it is that you’re doing, which is kind of nice as an actor. That’s kind of what I wanted to play the most — was how there’s disaster going on all around her and the world’s falling apart — but she’s really excited about everything that she’s discovering. So I would jump at the opportunity to continue in that world. I think it’s a nice mix of – it’s like, ‘save yourself, run for your life, and then you realize that you’ve got to save the world before your life can be saved.’A. Because it’s the only time, I think, you ever really kind of break a sweat as an actor, because you just feel so ridiculous . I find that to be the hardest thing to do because you have 60 crew members looking at you and they know nothing’s there. Getting to kind of play in this genre is definitely somewhere where I’d like to end up being for a while. JEWEL: I think it might be a regular ordinary time. So I tend to think that when it does happen, it’s going to be party time. And just from their architecture and everything, they did – I’m excited to see it. And hopefully I’ll be alive to get to witness something that we’ve talked about for so long.


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