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“The ass is looking much better since it’s higher up now.

Plus the legs look like they go for days since you can keep them fully straightened,” Katie accessed.

She asked the men to push one of the skids from the pile so that she didn’t have to get on her tip-toes to stand over them.

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Needless to say both girls got laid hard that night, in fact they even had a screaming match through the thin walls separating Willa’s main bedroom and her guest room.

The next morning they were all a little hungover, but nothing one of Willa’s famous tofu scrambled hash and dark roast coffee couldn’t fix.

She gave the top of the wooden boards a swipe with her bare arms to push away some dirt and cobwebs.

When she was satisfied that it was even halfway clean she straightened her legs and doubled over at the waist until her stomach and decent sized chest were laying flat on top.

“And…come that a look,” Katie said after snapping the photo with Willa’s phone.

Willa picked herself up off the skid and skipped her cheery self over to her friend.: Inspired by Willa Holland’s Intagram picture in August’s edition of Twit Pic Round-up on Jo Blo.Willa is in an abandoned yard with two guys as they have her bent over, pointing to her ass.“Good, good, it’ll have those legs in it,” Katie wrapped up.“And that ass,” Steve said, drawing looks from the three others. I stare at that surprisingly big bubble butt all day on set and it is clearly your best asset in my humble opinion.” “Okay,” Willa said with a confirmatory nod.“This place would be pretty cool to do a photoshoot at,” Katie agreed.

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