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Lee Petsas (Orange County Business Broker) at 714-363-044 contributes this blog post Four factors to consider when buying a bar. A top Southern CA Business Broker discusses this topic including multiple strategies regarding deposits with business purchase agreements.

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Upcoming Saturday webinar date(s) include: 2/17 and 2/28. This workshop is about the due diligence process of buying & selling a business.

) with buying and selling California small and mid-sized businesses, franchises, and business opportunities. Chuck Post hosts this live FREE webinar on Buying A CA Laundry. Willard Michlin, CPA will be presenting this workshop.

Owner will train and guarantee all accounts to transfer thru escrow. If you need assistance with placing a posting, getting email alerts of new postings being added, or general assistance please call Biz Ben Customer Support toll free at 888-212-4747 (if you happen to get voicemail, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call to assist you - thanks! Since 1994 Biz has assisted California business buyers, owner/sellers, brokers and agents (over 250,000 registered Users!

52 accounts with a $5,015 guaranteed monthly service only, plus additional income for minor repairs. 3 Days open per week for seller's another business. If you would like to place a new business for sale or business wanted to buy posting on Biz Ben (and throughout the Biz Ben Network) please go to add a new posting.

Free standing 2 floor building with large yard on major street. Contact Chuck Post at (619) 227-5711 or Chris Mason at (949) 878-2755 for more information and to RSVP for this upcoming workshop.

U-Haul rental gardening equipment service business in one location. Chuck Post, a coin laundry consultant and specialty broker offers this upcoming San Diego FREE seminar - How To Buy A Laundry Business On Saturday 2/17.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria has been around for 25 years and is one of the best and most popular pizzeria''s in Marin County. Chuck and Chris cover all related topics on buying a California laundry.

Bottom floor is business operation and top floor is an apartment rented out for 0 per month. Mulberry Street Pizzeria 0,000 Sales 1,000 Profit Lots Of Upside. Chuck Post (and his Associate Chris Mason) a California laundry consultant, due diligence specialist, buyer representative for laundry buyers shares his thoughts with Peter Siegel, MBA on his weekly Biz Ben Vlog & Podcast show.

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