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We also include gay/lesbian scenarios in various role plays.Our programs have been recently used as a suicide prevention intervention with GLBTQI youth in Colorado.While some have good role models at home, many know only relationship failure and dysfunction in their families and communities.

All young people deserve to be treated with respect.

Furthermore, relationship skills are important for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Our language is gender neutral and we don’t assume the gender of the young person’s partner.

When these marriages dissolve, children are usually better off.

But 70% of divorces take place in low-conflict marriages.

From these studies, we now know that teaching teens how to navigate their romantic lives helps them in numerous ways.

They reduce risky behaviors (aggression, verbal abuse, sexual activity) and increase protective behaviors (connections with parents, awareness of healthy behaviors) right away.

Dibble primarily focuses on healthy romantic relationship skills.

In the few instances where we address sex, the lessons focus on the emotional and social implications of sex rather than physical health and safety.

Click here for more details on the impact of Dibble courses.

Many programs teach teens how to handle problems like bullying, dating violence, and teen and unplanned pregnancy.

While the couple may not be perfectly happy, their children experience normal, non-damaging family dynamics.


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