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The Sidney Chambers novels are written as related short stories which is perfect to adapt to television.

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Tradition developed from popular early 18th century comédies en vaudevilles and lasted into 20th century with many changes in style. Dominant style of opera in the 18th century, not only in Italy but throughout Europe (except France). Some of the earliest native operettas in English were written by Frederic Clay and Sullivan. Associated with the style of the Second Empire by the works of Offenbach, though his best-known examples are designated subgenerically as opéras bouffes. An adaptation or localization of an existing work that is loose, unauthorized, or inauthentic.

Rigorously formal works using texts, mainly based on ancient history, by poet-librettists led by Metastasio. Also used for a single work by a number of different composers, particularly in early 18th-century London. Popular entertainment of late 18th/early 19th centuries, associated with Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg.

(sometimes referred to as a form of 'comic opera' to distance the English genre from the continental) comprising the works of Gilbert and Sullivan and other works from 1877 to 1903 that played at the Opera Comique and then the Savoy Theatre in London. Derived originally from translations of English ballad operas, but also influenced by French opéra comique.

Spoken dialogue, combined with ensembles, folk-coloured ballads and arias. Plots generally comic or romantic, often including magic.

The Théâtre de la foire appeared in London in the 1720s, to be imitated in the form of the English ballad opera, which in turn stimulated the creation of the German Singspiel.

This is an inclusive glossary list of opera genres, giving alternative names.

Opéra (which included grand opéra), was associated with the Paris Opéra (the Opéra).

Also used for some works with a serious tone at the Opéra-Comique.

Often specific genres of opera were commissioned by theatres or patrons (in which case the form of the work might deviate more or less from the genre norm, depending on the inclination of the composer). Other forms have been associated with a particular theatre, for example opéra comique at the theatre of the same name, or opéra bouffe at the Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens.

This list does not include terms that are vague and merely descriptive, such as 'comic opera', Entertainment originating in 18th-century London as a reaction against Italian opera.

Canon Sidney Chambers (James Norton) is an Anglican priest who becomes an accidental detective. As a result of his experiences fighting in Word War II, he’s suffering from PTSD – specifically nightmares.


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