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Another source which is useful from a geographical point of view is the "mini-census" of early 12th century Spanish nobility which is found in the document setting out the acts of the council of Oviedo, supposedly held in 1115Pedro Daz de Valle was an important figure during the reign of Urraca Queen of Castile and was awarded the tenencia of Torres de Len and the fortress of Valle de Mansilla.

The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records that Alfonso VII King of Castile sent "Count Rodrigo Martnez and his brother Osorio" to Len to besiege "Pedro Dazin rebellion in the castle of Valle". Pedro Aznarez", adding in a later passage that "Alonso [error for Alvaro] Diaz" married "D. There is confusion about the identity of the wife or wives of Juan Gonzlez.

After pleading for his life with the king, he was allowed to go free but "left to wander in every direction without a king or protector, fell gravely ill and died poor and wretched" MARA Ordez, daughter of ORDOO lvarez & his [first wife Velasquita ---] ([before 1088]-after 1141). Sancha Diaz", adding in a later passage that "Alonso Alvarez de Noroa" married "D. The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D. Teresa Perez", daughter of PEDRO Aznrez & his wife ---. The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D.

This couple's children are referred to, but not named, in the charter dated under which "Semena Monioscum sobrinos meis Sancia Roiz et Major Roiz et cum filiis comitis Fernandi et comitiesse domine Enderquine" donated "monasterium Sancte Crucis de Castanneda" to Cluny by charter dated made "pro animabus comitis Monionis et uxoris sue comitisse domine Maioris etcomitis Rodrici etfratrum nostrorum et sororum nostrarum" (-after 1137).

Diego Fernndez refers to his brother Munio Fernndez, and sisters Sancha and Jimena Fernndez, in a donation to the Cathedral of Oviedo, the document also being confirmed by his [presumed] sister Aldonza Fernndez .

Ordonio Flainiz..coniuge mea Gotina prolis Petri donated "ex parte aviorum parentumque meorum in loco...

Uilla Noua de Rebollera divisa mea..de germana mea Gunterote Flainiz" to Sahagn by charter dated Gotina Petriz, filius eius Fernando Diaz...King Alfonso VII granted omni vestra hereditate to "Eslonce Fernandiz et marito tuo Alvaro Guterriz", and granted monasterium Sancti Michaelis de Trebes for life to Eslonce Fernandiz et sobrine vestre Urrace Vermuez and after their deaths to San Pelayo de Oviedo, by charter dated Jun 1144.Alvarius Guterriz et uxor mea Aldonza Fernandiz exchanged "hereditas..valle de Oveto in loco... Sancto Johanne de Ranon with infanti domne Sancie Raimundi comitis et regine Urrace proli regis by charter dated .However, the Nobiliario is the only surviving source which confirms many of the family relationships of the nobility in 13th and 14th century Castile and Len.It therefore cannot be dismissed, but should be used cautiously.Johannis Evangeliste in Asturias in territorio Gegione Fanon" to the monastery of San Vicente by charter dated .

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