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Blacksheep: Last time I visited the brewery in Dublin, they said that most of the England/Wales market was supplied from Park Royal, but that the north of England and Scotland were supplied from Dublin, shipped over on the Miranda Guinness via Liverpool. Latterly, I'd also take a small bunch of whatever was in bloom in the garden at the beginning of each week.:ok: The choir is off to Durham to sing in the cathedral tomorrow Oooh, lucky you Stockie.

Mind you it's a 350 seat sellout so it will put some money in the club coffers.

There's a Guinness brewery just outside Kuala Lumpur.

One had the pleasure of visiting the brewery as escort for the Landlady of our local (her old man had to keep the Lord Kitchener running) for the official visit of the Oxfordshire branch of the Licensed Victuallers National Association.

T'were an occasion to be remembered, though I disremember quite a bit of it... I always used to have plants in the various offices where I worked.

I do think a bit of greenery makes the office a much nicer place Greenery? It wasn't the actual liquid gold that was imported, it was the toasted malt used to give it the characteristic colour of Porter and its distinctive flavour.

I've brought my mini-orange plant in to the office. ..to fetch the Nigerian Lager from the Emerald Isle Guiness for the UK market was brewed at the Guinness Brewery in Park Royal, just off the Hangar Lane gyratory.

Been a fine mild day here but it has commensed to rain now buggrit. :p Radz, you read that correctly, but how do I realise the potential of that bequest?? :hmm: May I also add my best wishes on Valentines Day to the ladies I have actually met on PPRu Ne, namely Fly Blue, Juud, Radz and Ms SP. " Cap'n Reddo, you're included, but I was only a Navigator. :)Hmmm, one thinks one's Winter Jasmin has croaked, other neighbors have complained of plants that have been around for years giving up the ghost as well,one blames he Scandyhooligans in this case for sending us that cryogenic weather a few weeks back,but the French prolly had summat to do with it as well.

Fettled neigbours puter tother day,left here in pristine condition brand spanking new windows instal on a virgin disk every thing working hunky dory,two days and he has managed to buggerah it up again. All four of you qualify for a "What great chums, wish I'd met you when I was younger, unattached and worth a bit more than I am now . :( entrance to the NJE London Crew Valentine's Ball. :ok: Walked around Yeadon Tarn with the dog, he tried to round up the ducks who simply floated out a bit further onto the tarn and hurled abuse at him (followed by some duck-type giggling when he fell in after standing on what he thought was solid ground).

Apparently there are about a million camels running wild about the place and being a bit of a nuisance (apparently a bunch of them went on the rampage in a little town somewhere and made a right mess of the place - Hells Camels? Anyway someone had now come up with the idea of feeding the camels to the crocodiles in the North of the country.

So all the Australians might be out at the moment shooting a camel or two.

I thought you were a 'stockbroker' - well not actually a broker, more of a financial adviser?


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  2. I might have expected the glare of death from Lillian, but no. Lillian only stared at me like she might stare at a great warbeast that was about to trample her. She might have felt like any sort of emotional hit right now could have shattered her to pieces. I’d brought her to happy tears with what I bought her, which was good. What did it say that staring at Hubris and Gordon was the least painful of the three options available to me? Pain so severe the body Hubris’ ears went up, even though he didn’t lift his chin from Gordon’s chest. They’ll revert over time, but a small fraction of it will be permanent. It wasn’t scar tissue, exactly, but more a lesion, an accumulation of minerals and byproducts. A moment of And the flood of wyvern, across the membrane at the exterior of the brain, then seeping into the brain itself, my senses screaming at me, my body rebelling.

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