Is billy corgan still dating jessica origliasso

"When I did the speech for the last marriage-equality rally I was dating a boy," she stated.

"I remember writing the speech thinking that I'm treated as a fully equal citizen.

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The following year, they released their debut album The Secret Life of...

(2005), which spawned their first major hit "4ever" peaking at number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and certified platinum, denoting 70,000 copies shipped in Australia.

Origliasso described the experience on the set of the video as “magical”, stating that there was “such explicit chemistry between Ruby and I that shooting was very intense”.

“The universe absolutely conspired for this meeting.

They have remained close in the interim, and reconnected romantically while filming the music video for On Your Side, a song about remaining friends with your exes.

When Rose heard the song, she offered to co-write, direct and star in the video, which was filmed in Auckland last week.

Origliasso even became a muse for The Smashing Pumpkins frontman, who drew influence from her and their relationship for much of the band’s latest release Corgan’s response blurs the lines between chivalry and a last minute Hail Mary, I Love You but his intentions seem noble enough.

Origliasso discussed the issue on her own Twitter though in a much less agitated tone: The two had apparently met during a songwriting session, Corgan told The Herald Sun back in 2010.

The lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins proudly held hands with his new girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, from the Australian band The Veronica's as they departed from the Trademark Hotel in Kings Cross in Sydney on Monday, April 5th.

Walking with them was Jessica's bandmate and sister Lisa Origliasso.

Origliasso rose to fame in 2000s when she and her twin sister formed a pop duo the Veronicas.


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