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Although the "motion was heard on Tuesday (5/12)," according to the Chronicle, "there is no word back from the judge yet," and because "[p]roceedings were conducted 'under seal' at Treadway's behest," the parties are barred from publicly discussing the matter.

The Chronicle feature provides a more detailed account of the case's history - particularly where Reynolds' and Treadway's involvements are concerned.

Besides the quality of the basic data and its extensive format testing, a second goal lies in the diversity of processing for different type of users. All isotopic data files are mutually consistent and are supposed to rival those of the major world libraries.2.

This paper presents a general overview of nuclear data evaluation and its applications as developed at NRG, Petten.

Based on concepts such as robustness, reproducibility and automation, modern calculation tools are exploited to produce original nuclear data libraries that meet the current demands on quality and completeness.

However, the doctors with whom Medill, an arm of Northwestern University, seem relatively united against the recommendations, questioning both the panels' major concerns: addiction and liver damage.

They also worry about the fates of the "100 million people currently liv[ing] with pain in the U. Paul Christo, "a pain specialist at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine" told the news outlet, &qout; I think removing pain medication off the market is not the answer and it will expand the epidemic of pain in this country." Moreover, "Christo beileves that painkiller addiction is blown out of proportion." Although he acknowledges that "[p]atients are at risk with opioids and some do get addicted," he does not "think it's as high as the public thinks." He even discusses the ways in which he deals with pain patients who have histories of addiction: the doctor "may still prescribe the meds they need but [he] may also require that they...engage in counseling to prevent relapses," saying that effective monitoring methods do exist.

As Perry states, "I don't see a good product on the market right now that would fulfill that niche of mild to moderate pain control in a tablet that you can take orally and at home." Additionally, the article contends that alternative options exist, but "they don't work for everyone." For instance, Ibuprofen and aspirin, though they "work for many people" are hard on other patients' stomachs.

Oxycodone does not contain acetaminophens, but "it's very addictive," according to the article.

This applied experience and feedback is integrated in a final step to improve the quality of the nuclear data, to change the users vision and finally to orchestrate their integration into simulation codes.

As noted by an August 20, 2009 Medill Reports article, "In July, an advisory panel recommended to the FDA the ban of the painkillers Vicodin and Percocet.

The doctor's sentence was reduced to less than five years. The Washington Post reported on July 14, 2007 ("VA Pain Doctor's Prison Term Is Cut To 57 Months") that "A prominent pain doctor who received a 25-year prison term three years ago for drug trafficking was re-sentenced yesterday to less than five years by a judge who concluded during his retrial that he helped far more patients than he hurt. An appeals court threw out that verdict last year, saying that prosecutors had presented 'powerful evidence' but that U. Hurwitz, a major figure in the growing field of pain management who was profiled on '60 Minutes,' said he viewed himself the same way as his supporters.


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