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Computers Technology (The Basics) Gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to confidently operate a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

For example, many teachers may use a connection through a local school or university as their ISP because it is free.

You can connect to the Internet through telephone lines, cable modems, cellphones and other mobile devices.

Also incorporated into our Technology Training Directory is My TECHlopedia.

A vast glossary containing simple but very detailed explanations of more than 200,000 technology terms and related topics.

This topic is important to protect data and personal information that you have willingly (or unwillingly) made available online.

It is also crucial, today more than ever, to safeguard the physical safety of yourself, other family members, or work colleagues.It allows computer users to communicate with each other across large distances and different computer platforms.The Internet acts as a pipeline to transport electronic messages from one network to another. A server is a fast computer with large amounts of memory and storage space.Learn How To perform the most commonly used tasks with ease.Computers Technology (The Basics) will allow you to gain an understanding of the most popular and most current technologies used at home, at school, and in the workplace.Scroll through our main categories on the left to view available content.


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